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A-1 Icon Archive - A comprehensive archive that serves up over 300,000 free graphic images. Includes animations, backgrounds, balls, bars, lines, clip art and, of course, icons. There's also helpful pointers to other graphics resources on the Web.

Animation Factory - There's over 19,000 original 3D animated GIF files, all nicely organized by category, at this awesome site. These graphics are available for free for use on noncommercial Web pages. Categories include bullets, buttons, alphabets, characters, office, flags, foreign languages, holidays, music, sports, transportation, Web elements and more. The best collection of its kind on the Web.

Eirin's Gradient Backgrounds - If you want gradient backgrounds (those that fade from one color into another), this is the place to go. This site contains contains red, dark blue, purple. light green, yellow, and orange backgrounds. Each gradient color background is sampled in a .GIF format.

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Free Counters

SuperStats - Excellent free Web page statistics service that serves up all the information about your visitors you could ask for. It allows you to see how many people have visited your site; total & unique visits; browser types; visiting domains; referral listings (how visitors found your site); what time of day they visited; traffic patterns and much more. SuperStats gives you five full days' worth of stats, and you may track as many pages as you wish. Setup is easy: just copy two lines of HTML to your page and you're all set.

Site Meter - Here's a new, free Web counter & tracker service that offers several interesting features. Site Meter displays dynamic 3D graphs and reports on your traffic. It offers several different counter styles and your counter can be customized by text color, background color, size, font, etc.

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Banner Exchanges

TrafficX - This free banner exchange "guarantees" traffic for your site. If you abide by their terms, and you don't receive any clickthroughs within one month of placing their code on your page, you'll get 10 free credits and get your banner placed on their font page for one week.

LinkExchange - This banner exchange service is the biggest and best-known of its type. We've used this service since June, 1996, and have found them to be reliable and competent, two qualities that are quite rare in the banner industry. You get one exposure of your banner for every two hits to your page. Banners at one time here were 400-by-40 pixels, but Link Exchange is starting to phase out this size in favor of the increasingly-universal 468-by-60 size.

SmartClicks - An innovative banner service that goes above and beyond most other link exchanges in many ways in that you can target your banner to a specific audience. We've used SmartClicks for two years and have generally been impressed, particularly with their targeting control panel and stats.

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Free Web Space

Tripod - The second largest free Web page service, Tripod unfortunately subjects its visitors to annoying pop-up advertising buttons, an increasing trend among free space providers. You get 11 megabytes of space for your site. You have two options: if you're a beginner, you can use the "Quickpage" option if you want Tripod to write your page's coding. If you know HTML coding, you can do it yourself through the "Custom" option.

GeoCities - The largest free Web space provider, GeoCities recently increased the amount of Web space they offer from six to 11 megs. You start out by staking your claim in a GeoCities "neighborhood" that offers pages with similar themes to yours. You then submit an application and are given a password for use in creating your own personal home page. You are then able to use GeoCities' file manager utility to create your home page. Or, you may submit your custom home page and GIFs/JPGs graphics files using the "EZ File Upload Utility." You can also upload your Web page and other files using an FTP client such as this. Like many free Web hosters, GeoCities requires members to either display an annoying "pop-up" banner, or a regular banner at the top of their pages.

Xoom - Xoom, the people noted for their extensive clipart collections, also offer a very popular (3 million members) free Web page service. Xoom recently increased the amount of free Web space they offer from 5 to 11 megs. You may use your free Web space to build your personal or small business home page. You also get free clip art, chat rooms and E-mail.

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Free Email Addresses

HotMail - A very popular (over 22 million registered users) free Web-based E-mail service that's supported by advertising. HotMail offers mail filtering that allows you to direct mail into folders and gives you the ability to check up to four POP accounts at once. You can add up to 20 recipients per message, as well as send attachments (although this process is cumbersome). No spamming allowed. Annoyingly, when you log out of HotMail, you're automatically redirected to Microsoft's home page.

Yahoo! Mail - A reasonably competent (and quite popular) free service, Yahoo! Mail allows you to access your personal E-mail from any Net-connected computer: in offices, homes, libraries, anywhere. This service offers a number of features and lets you organize mail into folders, search & filter your mail, attach files, create an address book, etc. There's also an autoresponder function that'll reply to your messages when you're away on vacation.

The Mail - Get another free email address here, and that's not all you also get a Free Dial up service so you can connect to the internet for only the price of your normal local phone cost. You can write all your emails offline through poplular programs such as Eudora and MS Outlook.

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Promotion Sites

Self Promotion - This site is really good , probably one of the best i've seen around to promote your site. All you have to do is sign up for a free membership and you on your way. Promote your site to whoever you want, and see the hits flow in!

WebWeavR PRO - Do it yourself web site promotion!

The Promoter - Here's a useful, free service that lets you submit your Web site to 450 search engines and directories in real-time, a process that can take anywhere from five to 60 minutes. (Which is not much time compared to the many hours it'd take to do this by hand).

ListBot - This service offers a free mailing list for your Web site. ListBot's mailing lists allow you to send announcements and news to people who sign up. It uses a centralized database so that list members only have to enter their information once and can manage all of their subscriptions from a single Web site.

Link-Me Links Exchange Database - One of the best ways to promote your site is through reciprocal links. This resource is a good place to start. This site also lists over 500 "free-for-alls," which are basically bulletin boards that you can add your site to (and believe it or not, they do pull in traffic).

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Chat Rooms - Here's a promising, fast-growing free IRC server that offers access via either the Web or an IRC client (such as mIRC) They also offer a free service that lets Webmasters easily set up a chat room on their own page

PowWow - PowWow is a popular free communications program for the Internet that allows up to nine users to chat via text or voice; send files; view personal home pages and JPEG images; build bulletin boards, and cruise the Web together. It's ideal for setting up virtual communities, in which you can control the actions of your visitors. PowWow also has a cool feature called "InstaVoice," that allows users to record and send messages of up to one minute in length (15 kilobytes) with automatic 50:1 compression

ICQ - ICQ is one of the most popular chat programs on the net. It allows you to communicate by voice or text, using their own program or integrated with programs such as NetMeeting and Vocaltec Internet Phone. You can also set up your own chat rooms.

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Free Guestbooks - This is a free guestbook service, which is administered in Sweden (but hosted in the U.S.). Offers many features and is highly configurable. It's supported by advertising (a banner is placed at the top of each guestbook.

Phaistos Guestbooks - Phaistos Guestbooks has constantly evolved and improved to emerge as one of the top free guestbook servers on the Web. Phaistos now has an extensive administrative section that offers tons of ways to customize your guestbook's appearance, fields and functions. There's also a template collection, so you can easily have the guestbook match the look of your home page. You can modify your guestbook's preferences, remove entries, send an automatic E-mail to visitors, and more.

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Free AutoResponders - FREE AutoResponder emails your infomation. Getting Information usually means giving it. Let our FREE AutoResponder's automatically send out your preset text message each time you receive a FormMail from your website.

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